091 Transport Table

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  •   The highly adaptable 091.1 Transport System from Herzog+Heymann has many features relevant to direct mail job applications. Its heat resistant vacuum belts allow printers to mount hot-glue or dryer systems directly inline with other functions such as inkjet printing, tipping, plowfolding, or window patching.  The 091.1 also has “workload awareness” in order to achieve optimum productivity throughout the duration of transport – meaning that as more products are added to the table, the system automatically compensates so maximum speed and control are maintained at all stages of transportation.  This is significant because producers don’t know the size variation or volume of their products from one job to next; the 091.1 Transport System can automatically adjust to ensure maximum production efficiency for the job at hand.

  •   Standard Features

      Dual channel vacuum belt

      Electronic height adjustment

      Workload awareness on vacuum belt

      Independent self-control

      Heat resistant belts

      Optional Features

      Pick+Place dispensing


      Address printing

      Plow fold

      Window patching

      Tape dispensing

      Speed synchronization

      Glue application system

      Additional vacuum channels

      Spine fold equipment

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