12-54 Panel Folds

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  •  12-54 Panels with the KL 45 Miniature Folding Unit

    The KL 45 is the latest development from the MBO Group for the miniature folding market segment.  This entry level miniature folder was developed from the well established KL 112 platform, and is designed specifically for the production of 12-54 Panel Inserts. With its high-quality components, integrated batch counter, and double sheet detection, this machine has all the basics in one self-contained solution.  Whether you are doing short or long job runs, the KL 45 can be optimized for your production with either a pile feeder or continuous feeder. Additionally, this system can be configured with a number of fold plate combinations for different job applications.  Existing production units (e. g. knife units, pressing unit, labeler) can be used independently after the KL 45 and can be integrated in the emergency stop cycle. The KL 45 is also compatible with gluing and quality control systems.  Vertical deliveries Type 177 or 180 with kicker or a flat track delivery can be used for parallel and cross fold applications.

  •   Features and Benefits

     Dual calibrating fold rollers increase the control of product

     Belt driven rollers reduce noise levels and eliminate the need for grease

     Ultrasonic double sheet control prevents paper jams by stopping the infeed in the event of a misfeed.

     Noise Hoods cover the fold plates to minimize noise

  •  This Solution is available in multiple configurations…

     KL 45 6/4 – 6 plates in unit I and 4 plates in unit II for the most basic miniature folding tasks

     KL 45 6/6 – 6 plates in unit I and 6 plates in unit II for additional panels

     KL 45 8/4 – 8 plates in unit I and 4 plates in unit II for more complex miniature folding applications

      KL45 8/6 – 8 plates in unit I and 6 plates in unit II for a maximum of 54 panel miniature folded product

  • For technical specifications of the KL 45, please see the brochure


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