177 Vertical Stacking Delivery

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  •  The 177 Vertical Stacking Delivery is a versatile delivery designed for miniature folding.  This machine is available in two versions, a mobile unit and a hang-on unit.  Either unit comes with independent self-control which allows the 177 to be used in a wider range of configurations including lines with older machines or machines from other suppliers.  Designed by specialty finishing experts, Herzog+Heymann, the 177 Vertical Stacking delivery can handle tightly bound miniature folded product with precision and control.

    177 hang-on

    177 Hang-On Delivery with Extended Load Capacity


    177.1 with Extended Delivery Track and Electronic Height Adjustment


  •   Standard Features

      Independent self control for easy integration with many other units

      Round belt infeed system for added control at the infeed

      Electronic speed control for maximum product stream control

      Optional Features

      Delivery table extension to 35 1/2″ (900 mm) for added load capacity