701 Shingled Stream Delivery

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701 Shingled Stream Delivery


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  •  The 701 is designed to streamline production delivery. After the folding process, the 701 delivers the product in a uniform shingled stream for easy handling. One of the unique features of this delivery is its batching process. This machine will speed up its belts in order to create a gap between batches, allowing for the rest of the production process to continue without inefficient stoppages.

    The adjustable catch wheels and adjustable height ensure a smooth and efficient sheet transfer for a variety of job formats. Additionally, the 701 is available in 6 different working width configurations.

  •   Standard Features

      2-up production

      Independent motor drive

      45″ delivery table length

      Adjustable height

      Adjustable catch wheels

      Efficient batch capability

      Optional Features

      Delivery table extension (60″ or 80″)

      Upper level drive belts for additional sheet control

      Kit for additional up capabilities









  •  Technical specifications for the 701 delivery are not yet available.