B 535 Perfection Buckle Folder

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  •  The B 535 Perfection is the most efficient way to process 20 x 26” products. This buckle folding machine is highly flexible and many of the components are automated, making it easy to operate in numerous configurations. One of the biggest advantages to automation is reduced setup times. With just a touch of a button this machine will accurately recalibrate the foldplates and fold rollers according to the parameters selected.

  • Standard Features

    MBO Vario Control with Touchscreen for easy operation

     Rapidset automation

     VIVAS infeed system optimizes control at the infeed

    Anti-static lattice table reduces static cling along the alignment table

     Feeder Loading System automatically senses the height of the pile

     High Speed Guides allow for great control of the paper at high speeds

    Low maintenance, silent belt drive does not require grease

    Spiral fold rollers provide grip and durability

    Quick exchange slitter shafts dramatically reduce make-ready times

    Scoring, perforating and cutting devices allow for different job applications

    Interlocking safety guard over slitter shaft helps protect operators

    Optional Features

    Additional fold plates (max 6)

    WINPLATE gatefold plates

    COMBIPLATE combination fold plates

    Noise reducing hoods

    Glue application system

     Cross folding unit II (4x), 53 cm

     Cross folding unit III (44x), with transfer table, 53 cm

    Various feeders

    Various deliveries