BSR 550 Basic

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  •   The BSR 550 Basic is an all-in-one rotary die cutting system designed for the 20×29 inch cut sheet die cutting market. Its innovative engineering and versatility allows printers to produce mailings, greeting cards, folding carton blanks, labels, and many other products in a one-up or multi-up production setting. Because there is no transfer of sheets between the die cutting process and waste removal process, the BSR 550 Basic produces “nickless” product – which eliminates the need for further refinement downstream.

  •   Standard Features

     Easy access magnetic die cylinders for quick job changeovers

      Advanced timing synchronization at register table ensures that sheets are precisely cut

      “Nickless” product – holding points are not required, thus eliminating the need for further product refinement downstream

      Inline waste removal immediately separates the waste matrix from the good product after the sheet is cut