Delta 705 Automated Delivery

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  •  Delta 705 Automated Delivery is an automatic banding delivery system which streamlines the production process. This machine is equipped with a pressing unit, automatic format recognition programming, a waste sheet ejection system, and an electronic impulse welding system. These features are all part of what makes the Delta 705 extremely fast, versatile, and easy to use.

  •  Standard Features

      Automatic waste sheet ejection

      Pressing unit with pre-press and main rollers

      Shingled stream or single sheet operating modes

      Product stabilizing device for thin products

      Counter to track progress

      Electronic impulse welding system (EIS)

      Jogging device with shape jogger

     Optional Features

      Speed synchronization

      Anti-static device

      Small package device

      Variable stacking level compensator

      Air blast device

      Barcode recognition

      Cardboard feeder


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