FP Series Palletized Feeders

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  •   With FP palletized feeders, operators can process paper pallets directly after printing.  Once a pallet is fed through the machine, production must be stopped while a new pallet is loaded onto the feeder.  FP feeders can be loaded from two directions allowing for easy skid loading and unloading.

      Available for 6 different formats:

      FP 660, 760 for 26″ and 28″ dimensions with 37 1/2″ maximum stack height

      FP 700, 800 for 26″ and 30″ dimensions with 47″ maximum stack height

     FP 1020, 1120 for 38″ and 44″ dimensions with 43″ maximum stack height

  •   Standard Features

      VACULIFT III feeder loading system

      High-capacity elevator

      Two loading directions

  • FP_Palletized_Feeders_Spec