High Speed Letterfold System

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  •    High Speed Letterfold Processing, 820 ft/min!
    The High Speed Letterfold System from The MBO Group was designed with the highest dependability, flexibility, and job integrity features – making it ideal for processing bank statements, letterfold products and sensitive materials at high speeds. With automation, these solutions can be quickly and easily configured for a variety of job applications with just the touch of a button, which minimizes waste and reduces the number of touches required. One of the most common tasks that can slow down production is a chipout, but with the High Speed Letterfold System from MBO, printers can run up to 810 ft/min even with a chipout down to 3/16 of an inch (5 mm)!  Thanks to MBO’s modular approach to finishing, these solutions can be easily adapted for specialty needs such as camera inspection, gluing, or complex folding applications. Furthermore, a variety of infeed systems are available – meaning that this solution can be configured for cut-sheet or web-finishing processes.

  •   Highlights of the Transactional Finishing System

      MBO’s modular approach allows printers to swap units in and out for a wide range of job requirements

      Max running speed of 820 ft/min without a chipout and 810 ft/min with a chipout

      Automated banding delivery creates easy to handle bundles and delivers them along an ergonomic table


  •  This Solution Is Available in 20″ and 30″ Web Widths and Generally Consists of…

     UW Series Unwinder

    SPM Series Split and Merge Unit

    SVC Series Digital Sheeter

    DFT Series Digital Folding Unit

    Various Deliveries

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