International Open House Success!

Under the slogan, “Fit for the FuMBO Open Houseture“, the MBO Group International Open House Event attracted approximately 500 visitors from all over Europe, Asia, and America.  New solutions in conventional folding systems, digital web finishing, and specialty applications were all on display for guests to see and test for themselves.

M80 and M60 – Rethink Folding
The revolutionary M80 Flexible Folding System was first unveiled in May 2013 at China Print with a crossfold + threefold configuration.   At the Open House, MBO revealed two new modules, the FW80-2 and FW60-3 buckle folding units, for a whole new configuration.  In addition to this, the M80 systems on display had different infeed modules and were equipped with automation for faster make-ready times.

The M80’s little brother, M60, made its world debut at the Open House event with a Combi-fold configuration and a pile feeder.  Like the M80, the M60 can be modified with a number of different modules even after initial purchase.