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  •  The World’s Fastest Folder.

    The new K8 RS combi-folder from MBO is capable of production speeds up to 275 m/min, making it the world’s fastest folding machine.   This represents a 20 percent increase in production output over the previous model, the K8 Perfection.  This increased production speed is largely due to technological advancements in the K8 drive motor, but several other key advancements were also made. Along with the improved drive system, the Vaculift infeed system was re-engineered for increased performance and an intelligent sheet control monitoring system has been equipped on all K8 RS machines to ensure that the paper is always under control at these speeds.
    Like its predecessors, the K8 RS can be outfitted with variations of the S-KTL and S-KTZ crossfold units. With this machine, customers will be able to maximize their press usage because job throughput times at the finishing stage are significantly reduced.  This gives customers the potential to get jobs in and out the door faster than ever before.

  •   Standard Features

      Touchscreen control

      VIVAS vacuum infeed system

      Anti-static lattice alignment table

      Four fold plates with swing deflectors

      Through sheet stops in fold plate 1 and 2

      Noise reducing hoods

      Low maintenance, silent belt drive

      Spiral fold rollers

      Quick exchange slitter shaft cassette

      Knife folding unit: S-KTL, S-KTLT, or S-KTZ

      Swing-up cross fold unit

      Slide-out three fold unit

      Optional Features


      RAPIDSET automation

      Ultrasonic double sheet control

      Waste sheet ejection

      Additional fold plates (max 6)

      WINPLATE gatefold plates

      COMBIPLATE combination fold plates

      VIROTEC fold rollers

      Centerbleed device

      Edgetrim device

      Perforation device

      Various deliveries

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