KL 112.1

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  •  Miniature Folding Unit KL 112.1

    The miniature folding unit KL112.1 is designed for the production of small products, specials and thin papers. With the 26 mm diameter folding rollers, the folder can handle folding lengths up to 18 mm. As many as 16 fold plates can be installed on this unit – meaning that bigger sheets can be folded down to very small final formats. The KL 112.1 can also be equipped with glue application systems.

  •  Standard Features

     Minimum 2, maximum 16 fold plates

     20 mm diameter slitter shafts

     26 mm diameter fold rollers

     Creasing, perforating, slitting

     MS Control

     Optional Features

     Mobile modification

     Speed synchronization

     Glue application systems

     Gatefold plates

     Noise reducing hoods

     Pre-slitter shaft


     Centerbleed device

     Head or tail slitting

     Tear-off perforation

     Various feeders

     Various deliveries

  • KL112_1_Spec