M7 Miniature Folder

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  •   M7 Miniature Folder

    The M7 buckle folding unit is ideal for just about any production run. Due to the enormous flexibility of its equipment, the M7 is applicable in nearly every production field. The customizable design allows for different folding roller diameters, working widths, number of fold plates and additional options. For these reasons and more, the M7 operates from miniature folding up to large formats applications. Create your own model today and see if we can increase your product range.


    M7 with 16 buckle plates Motorized height adjustment
  •  Standard Features

     Minimum 2, maximum 16 fold plates

     Radial fold roller adjustment

     Working widths of 32 – 165 cm

     Fold roller diameter of 32-64 mm

     MS Control

     Optional Features

     Mobile modification

     Segmented glue rollers

     Glue application systems

     Gatefold plates

     Noise reducing hoods

     Rear slitter shaft

     Pre-slitter shaft

     Various feeders

     Various deliveries











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