Alpha Pro Series Stacking Deliveries


The Alpha Pro Series Stackers are enhanced stacking devices that incorporate an automated stacking process to reduce the labor requirement at the delivery while allowing the operator to run the machine faster for higher production.  This delivery is equipped with sensors that measure the length of the product entering the stacker and determine if the length is within tolerance or not.  Out of tolerance products are ejected at the infeed and the control system will shut the line down it this condition persists for multiple products.  The delivery also presses the product to remove air and help create a high quality stack and prep for gluing into blocks if needed.  The stack height can be controlled via sensor or to a specified count and finally delivered on the output table.  This upgraded delivery unit has an ROI based on higher quality output, lower labor costs, capability to make glued book blocks, less downtime due to singular out of tolerance products, and higher overall machine running rates.

Standard Features:

  • For use inline with presses or as part of an offline/nearline
  • Finishing solution
  • Jogging device with three registration points for
  • Superior stack alignment
  • Available upgrades for 2-up or 3-up production
  • Integrated batch counter shows real-time job progress
  • Robust components capable of withstanding a 24/7
  • Commercial print environment
  • Fast make ready, precision stacking, and convenient
  • Delivery make this machine ideal for signature
  • Production and book block finishing systems

Technical Specifications