K70 Combi Buckle/Knife Folder


The K70 is the most cost efficient investment into a robust and high production rate combi folder MBO. It is available with standard feature selections and only as a manual machine, which gives it an extremely good price/performance ratio. However, for applications where most fold patterns are of a similar nature, the K70 shines.  We still did not reduce our design criteria for the K70 and it remains in the MBO family as a high-precision, high-performance folder.  Its best applications include production of folded products such as signatures and flyers in medium and high print run lengths and similar formats. MBO has included a full range of feeder selections for the K70 including Pallet, Continuous and Pile making it applicable to short or high run lengths.  With 4 or 6 buckle plates in the parallel unit, KL or SKTL in the cross fold units, and M1 controls, even complicated folding impositions can be produced with absolute precision.


  • 210 m/m (8071 ipm) production speed for high volume capability
  • MBO M1 machine control for simple and trainable control and operation
  • 4 or 6 buckle plates for customized application
  • Fold configurations to match the most common production needs in today’s commercial print market

Standard Features and Benefits:

  • Machine control M1 Advanced for enhanced control and integration
  • Vacustar feeder head for exceptional ease of operation and 60,000 cycle rate in the pile feeder configuration
  • Vaculift II feeder head for exceptional ease of operation and 20,000 cycle rate in the pallet style feeder configuration
  • Buckle plates with swing deflector and infinitely adjustable sheet stop for high quality folds
  • Spiral fold rollers with hard PU in the parallel fold for great performance on most common stocks

Optional Features:

  • Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable) infeed enhances the feeding system by keeping the vacuum feeding belt in contact with the paper longer
  • Combination buckle plates allow opening and closing of the deflector gates without engaging the deflector bar, speeding up makeready
  • Gatefold plate for production of two or three fold products in the main parallel fold to expand capability and adapt to additional needs
  • Slitter shafts in the three-fold create and additional prep step for perf and score for an additional knife folding unit

Technical Specifications