M7 Insert/Outsert Folding System


The M7 folding series expands the capability for pharma production.  Due to the enormous flexibility of its equipment, the M7 is customizable to allow for different folding lengths, fold thicknesses and sheet widths primarily due to the availability of additional fold roller diameters (32mm, 46mm, 56mm, 64mm).  When you add the range of fold plates from 2 to 24, you have a folding series that can handle nearly any product.


  • Radial folding roller adjustment for optimum fold quality
  • Working sheet widths from 32-165 cm
  • Wide range of fold plate per folding section from 2-24
  • Folding roller diameter 32-64 mm for small to very thick products and narrow to wide sheet workflows
  • Modular, mobile, and height adjustable for preservation of investment and customization

 Standard Features:

  • Ultrasonic double sheet control at the feeder
  • Extra long alignment table for long sheets
  • Special folding rollers for low weight papers
  • 80 Shore rubber coating in second station
  • Downstream slitter shaft with special outsert creaser
  • Sheet run control in the XP -250.1 knife folding unit
  • Vertical delivery unit with kicker in either spine up or spine down configuration

 Optional Features:

  • Camera system for sheet bar code quality inspection
  • Slitter shaft cassette for fast makeready tooling
  • Waterscoring system for fold preparation
  • Ejector in transfer unit for nuisance bad sheets to keep machine running
  • Sheet monitoring in the first and second folding units for machine protection and bad product faults removal
  • Combi plates to achieve faster makeready and lower physical injury chances
  • Glue system for sealing the outsert using a many types of glue
  • Glue inspection and reject of bad glue in the XP -250.1 knife with ejector
  • Tab closure units as alternative to glue for higher panel count readability and tighter closure
  • Knife Unit for second fold position for faster makeready

Technical Specifications

Herzog+Heymann M7.32 Folding System with 20 plates at Drupa 2016

Herzog+Heymann M7.32 Folding Systems making a 190 panel outsert


For additional videos please visit MBO America’s YouTube Channel