M8.40 Insert/Outsert Folding System


The M8.40 Outsert System from our Herzog+Heymann Group is a fully featured, flexible folding system for the pharmaceutical industry. Flexibility is driven by its modularity of individual units like pressing stations and knife stations and glue units. It can be fed from many different work flows including continuous, flat pile and web. The latest quality and inspection capabilities can be applied, such as camera systems to match printed 1D or 2D codes, texts and patterns, avoiding incorrect sheets being processed to ensure a 100% reliability of the production process. From small fold counts to ultra high 24 plate fold systems, the M8.40 meets the high demands of the pharma literature industry.


  • Inline ejection of incorrect sheets to ensure continuous production production and maximum machine uptime
  • Upt to 24 plates in parallel unit for high panel production
  • Modular knife, pressing, glue and delivery system for the capability to fold any product your customer requires

Standard Features:

  • Ultrasonic double sheet control at the feeder
  • Extra long alignment table for long sheets
  • Special folding rollers for low weight papers
  • 80 Shore rubber coating in second station
  • Downstream slitter shaft with special outsert creaser
  • Sheet run control in the XP -250.1 knife folding unit
  • Vertical delivery unit with kicker in either spine up or spine down configuration

Optional Features:

  • Camera system for sheet bar code quality inspection
  • Waterscoring system for fold preparation
  • Ejector in transfer unit for nuisance bad sheets to keep machine running
  • Sheet monitoring in the first and second folding units for machine protection and bad product faults removal
  • Combi plates to achieve faster makeready and lower physical injury chances
  • Glue system for sealing the outsert using a many types of glue
  • Glue inspection and reject of bad glue in the XP -250.1 knife with ejector
  • Tab closure units as alternative to glue for higher panel count readability and tighter closure

Technical Specifications