Mitra Sheet Stacker

The Mitra is an automatic sheet stacking delivery with multiple up capabilities.  The unit is mobile and can be placed behind a number of upstream sheeting and finishing devices.  Single streams are stacked then pushed out to a delivery table for easy operator placement on a skid or cart.  The delivery table indexes slowly so there is plenty of dwell time between stacks to allow the operator to run the finishing line and stack off products.  Common applications include direct mail letters, checks, book blocks, statements, invoices and folding carton blanks.


  • Infeed height electronically adjustable to accommodate upstream components.
  • Quantity count or image recognition determines the lift which then delivers perfectly stacked and pressed lifts from various substrates
  • Large 62” output buffer table with delivery belts allows multiple lifts to be processed without having additional labor continuously monitor delivery area
  • Mobile unit with touchscreen control interface
  • Standard cable connection interface with preparation for stop connection.
  • Up to 4-across production with up to 7.75” high stacks
  • MBO digital speed control integrated to follow line speed
  • Barcode reader to provide indication of stack break
  • Up to 800 cycles per hour stacking rate

Technical Specifications