SHP 770/800 Web-Sheeting and Stacking System


The SHP is a high speed, high-pile stacker used in conjunction with MBO sheeting lines. This fully automated delivery will count and break the stream then stack sheets onto pallets.  After the stack of sheets is ejected on a pallet a new pallet is loaded automatically making it a low labor system.  Additionally, the SHP streamlines the production process by automatically ejecting white waste and job changeover sheets prior to entering the stacking unit.  This system is ideal for both inline or near-line configurations and is capable of 1 up, 2 up and 3 up forms.

Standard Features & Benefits: 

  • Sheet stacking via specialized vacuum guides  
  • Scalable to add folding, book block making, and direct mail capabilities  
  • Compatible with MBO web finishing modules  
  • Easy access to machine components for quick setup and maintenance  
  • Automated pallet stacking creates precisely aligned cut-sheet pallets  
  • Automated pallet changing greatly reduces operator labor when changing pallets  
  • B1 Sheets (30” x 40”)  
  • B2 Sheets (20” x 30”)  
  • 2-Up 13” x 19” sheets  
  • 3-Up 8.5” x 11”/14”/17” or A4 sheets 


Technical Specifications