SHP 770/800 Sheet Stacking System


The SHP 770/800 is a high speed, high-pile stacker for up to a B1 sheet size, capable of matching production rates of the fastest modern presses. Without interrupting production, the SHP 800 System will automatically change pallets when triggered by a pre-programmed batch count or by reading codes from the web. Additionally, the SHP 800 streamlines the production process by automatically ejecting white waste and job changeover sheets – making it ideal for both inline or near-line configurations.

Standard Features:

  • Sheet stacking via specialized vacuum guides
  • Scalable to add folding, book block making, and direct mail capabilities
  • Compatible with MBO web finishing modules
  • Easy access to machine components for quick setup and maintenance
  • Automated pallet stacking creates precisely aligned cut-sheet pallets
  • Automated pallet changing greatly reduces operator labor when changing pallets
  • B1 Sheets (28” x 40”)
  • B2 Sheets (20” x 28”)
  • 2-Up 13” x 19” sheets
  • 3-Up 8.5” x 11”/14”/17” or A4 sheets

Technical Specifications