SmartPACK 100 Tray Packing System


The H+H SmartPACK100 Automated Tray Packing Delivery revolutionizes and enhances the production capabilities of insert, outsert, PI, cosmetic and miniature literature production systems.  The SmartPACK100 is designed to be used with all H+H systems in addition to all systems from other manufacturers.

The SmartPACK100 is easy to set up, and operate; simply load pre-formed and empty trays on the rear conveyor, and remove full trays from the front.  A single operator has plenty of time to off-load trays and operate the entire folding system; or possibly multiple folding systems!

To close the loop on automation, the SmartPACK100 has an integrated quality system with jogger module and three dimensional camera arrangement to make sure that the products are closed properly, and have the proper dimensions.  Only 100% correct products are allowed to pass.   The occasional faulty products will be ejected through a reject gate but the machine keeps running.  Because the system is modular and mobile, additional enhancements are possible such as automated tray labeling at the exit.

Use of the SmartPACK100 captures ROI from many channels:

  • Reduction of labor to put the finished product into trays
  • Enables cell manufacturing concept using a single operator for multiple machines
  • Increase in product quality by automatically checking for closure and product tolerance
  • Increasing the number of in-tolerance products through use of accurate and objective camera measurements
  • Increase in overall machine throughput by eliminating the bottleneck of a manual delivery
  • Increased uptime by reducing nuisance stops related to quality checks

Specialized Features:

  • Product infeed Jogger with alignment from both sides
  • Camera inspection (2 cameras)
  • Camera from the top measures the length, width and verifies the data code
  • Camera from the side measures thickness
  • Tray feeding conveyor for non-stop operation
  • Tray exit pile table for dwell time to unload trays

Technical Specifications

H+H SmartPACK 100 Automatic Tray Packing System for Pharma Inserts & Outserts