KL112.1/86 with Continous Feeder, 220 Transfer Unit and 177.1 delivery

The H+H KL112.1 is MBO Group’s standard for miniature folding.  It is very adept at working with light 27# pharma papers and heavier commercial grades alike making it well suited for applications in the “PI” and insert/outsert markets. This NEW OLD STOCK, 8/6, 20” wide folder, is ready for immediate shipment, and is composed of the R535 continuous feeder, the KL112.1-T8-52 parallel unit, 220 Transfer Unit, KL112.1-T6-52 right angle unit and 177.1 vertical stacking delivery. As with all MBO and H+H folders, it is based in the modular concept allowing growth using optional glue units, knife fold units, various deliveries, pressing units, and more to make a versatile and customized machine.

Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous feeder
  • Working widths of 52 cm (20”)
  • Minimum 18mm fold length
  • 8 fold plates in the parallel unit
  • 6 fold plates in the right angle unit
  • Robust, high volume vertical stacking delivery


Price: $119,900.00 USD, FOB Marlton, NJ

Phone: 609-267-2900, xt100

Email: Info_MBOA@mboamerica.com

Technical Specifications

KL112.1 Brochure