USED M80-6 Plate Automated Folder with R80 Continuous Feeder

ONE (1) USED M80-6 Plate Buckle Folder with R80 Continuous Feeder and M1 Automated Control System


  • Vaccubelt
  • Vacuum Pump SK-SV 7.330
  • M1 Control System (Advanced)
  • Start / Stop functions located on main screen and other connected units
  • Sheet release permanent / single-sheet
  • Double sheet monitoring on FWI (see description of FWI for type of detection provided)
  • Stream gap creation using feeder suction wheel interruption
  • Gatefold plate control (only if gatefold plate option is included)
  • Counter functions such as: Output Sheets/hour; Waste calculation based on sheets in vs. sheets out; Batch-counter; Total-counter; Job/Shift-counter
  • Automation functions of plates and rollers
  • Sheet alignment table base (incl. Electro-mechanical double sheet control)
  • High speed vacu-table alignment system
  • Additional ultrasonic double sheet control
  • Six (6) buckle plates
  • Spiral fold rollers with hard poly-urethane insert
  • Fold-rollers with automatic adjustment
  • Slitter shaft cassette with single rear slitter shafts using manual adjustment
  • Combi-plates with automatic adjustment (note: deflector style always provided in first plate position)
  • Transfer table ÜLT for high speed transfer of sheet between folds
  • Preparation for gatefold plate in future
  • Network interface Datamanager RAS
  • One (1) Gully cut device for 2-up, Ø 40 mm (slitter shaft cassette with single rear slitter shafts)
  • One (2) Edge trim device, Ø 40 mm (slitter shaft cassette with single rear slitter shafts)
  • Delivery module is not included, sold separately

Vintage 2017

Condition: USED, Reconditioned

Price: $47,000.00 USD, FOB Marlton, NJ

Phone: 609-267-2900, xt100


Technical Specifications

Common layout of M80 for reference only
Original New M80 Brochure for reference only