Used MBO EM770 Digital Web Ejection Module

The EM770 Ejection Module from MBO was specially designed to allow printers to eject misprinted sheets, control sheets, and white-waste sheets without interrupting production. By eliminating these sheets via the EM770 Ejection Module, printers greatly improve the integrity and accuracy of their fi nal product.

  • Upper ejection plate for inspection
  • Lower level eject
  • Scanner at infeed
  • Belt Transfer Table
  • 30″ wide x 40″ cutoff max sheet size
  • Vintage 2014
  • Ser # 10 90 63 14 03 01
  • NOTE:  Photos on this post are from the original build of stock for this machine and might not represent every detail of the actual machines or wear spots from use.


Price: $34,900.00 USD, FOB Marlton, NJ

Phone: 609-267-2900, xt100


Technical Specifications