MBO Partners With Johannes Gutenberg School

For the second year in a row, MBO has partnered with Johannes Gutenberg School to give students a chance to learn from the post-press finishing experts at MBO. These upper-classman were accompanied by their teachers, Fritz Gödan and Andreas Hack, as well as Andreas Metzger (Director of Operations), Matthias Kleeberg (Service Engineer/Operator) and Dominik Bartel (Service Engineer/Operator) from MBO.  Incidentally, Matthias Kleeberg and Dominik Bartel are both Johannes Gutenberg Alumni.

After a short lesson covering the steps necessary from receiving through production and shipping in order to deliver a finished product, the students had the chance to explore 5 different machines, including the M80 Flexible Folding System, and the world’s fastest folder, the K8-RS Combi-folder. The students were also given jobs to setup on the K8-RS and the smaller K760 Combi-folder. For some, this was the first time they had been in contact with any equipment, which inspired many interesting questions for the MBO finishing experts.  Overall, the event was a great success and both MBO and the Johannes Gutenberg School are looking forward to future collaborations.