304 Panel Fold, Tab, Vertical Delivery

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  •   Outsert Production

    With the outsert production systems offered by MBO America, customers have the ability to produce glued or tabbed product ranging from 12 to 304 panels.  The M8 Pharmaceutical Folder is the ideal folding unit for outsert production because of the number of configurations available  involving different feeders, fold plates, working widths, and fold roller diameters. Because of this versatility as well as the quality control systems and the numerous compatible modules available, we highly recommend this solution for any outsert work.

  •  Features and Benefits

     Waterscoring at the first fold for tighter fold in the second unit.

     Glue systems can be integrated for certain applications.

     Quality inspection systems (cameras) are available for guaranteed accurate panel alignment.

     Speed synchronization ensures that speed adjustments made at one unit will be matched by the other units.

     An ultra-sonic double-sheet detector prevents paper jams by stopping the infeed when double sheets are detected.

  •  This Solution generally consists of..

     M8.40 Pharmaceutical Folder

     M8.40 Folding Unit II

     XP 250.1 Knife Folder

     XL 100 Labeler

    Various Deliveries

  • For technical specifications of the M8 Pharmaceutical Folder, please see the brochure


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