80 Panel PI Fold, Tab, Automated Tray Pack

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  •   80 Panel  PI Fold, Tab, and Pack

    This solution from MBO America takes printed sheets and produces folded PI’s which are packed and delivered in an industry standard box.  Thanks to the versatility of the M8 Pharmaceutical Folder, this line can be equipped with water scoring, gluing, inspection systems, and more.  One key component in this line is the SH-100 Labeler which minimizes “looping” by flipping the product before applying the label – this orients the product so that the label is applied to an incoming product, rather than an outgoing one, and creates a much tighter seal.

  •  Features and Benefits

     Waterscoring at the first fold for tighter fold in the second unit.

     Glue systems can be integrated for certain applications.

     Quality inspection systems (cameras) are available for guaranteed accurate panel alignment.

     Speed synchronization ensures that speed adjustments made at one unit will be matched by the other units.

     An ultra-sonic double-sheet detector prevents paper jams by stopping the infeed when double sheets are detected.

      The SH-100 Labeler flips the product prior to application of the label in order to create a much tighter seal.

     Pick+Pack System will automatically package the finished outserts

  •  This Solution Generally Consists of…

     M8.40 Pharmaceutical Folder

     M8.40 Folding Unit II

     PP 300 Belt Pressing Unit

     XP 250.1 Knife Folding Unit

     SH-100 Labeler

      Pick+Pack Delivery System

  • For technical specifications of the M8 Pharmaceutical Folder, please see the brochure


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