Record Cold Can’t Stop MBO

2-24-15 Niagara Falls

NE Regional Sales Manager, Jon Rasmussen, in front of a frozen Niagara Falls

As far as winters go, New Jersey has only posted 5 months colder than February 2015, since record keeping started more than 120 years ago.  Despite the deep freeze, MBO Headquarters held numerous customer demonstrations and a 3-day fold school session. This was the first fold school session of the year, and we had a full-class.  After a quick lesson on folder anatomy, students were broken up into two groups and given several jobs to setup; including multiple accordion folds, 8-page folds, and 16-page folds, using parallel and 8-page folding units.  The next fold school, in April, will utilize an “Advanced” curriculum. The Advanced level class is geared towards experienced operators looking to learn more complex folds, as well as to polish their troubleshooting skills with a greater, in-depth understanding of the folding process.

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