SAP 46 Vertical Stacker

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  •  The mobile SAP 46 L is a vertical stacking delivery with press for single-up production. The unit is especially suitable for high circulations and robust print products, e.g. bookprint. The sheets are delivered in a standing position with the collating marks remaining within the operator’s view – thus creating an impressive capacity despite the compact and space-saving design.

    SAP 46 L is equipped with an integrated press with pre and main pressing rollers which facilitate the delivery and further processing. The automatic feeder stop return allows the ergonomic removal of sheets – the stack is held by a spring and immediately pushed back after the products have been taken out. The counting and marking of the product packages is regulated by a system consisting of a light barrier, preselection counter and kicker. Thanks to the built-in controller, the SAP 46 L may also be used with older machines or machines from an external supplier.


     High holding capacity by vertical sheet alignment

     Collating marks visible for the operator since the sheets are positioned in a standing position on the open side

     Compact design for full use of space

     Integrated press for better quality results

     Automatic feeder stop return for more comfortable sheet removal


  •  Standard Features


      Independent self-control

      Kicker marking

      Automatic sheet stop return

      Integrated pressing station








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