SPM Split and Merge Unit

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  • Split and Merge Module:

       MBO America offers Split and Merge solutions for 20 inch and 30 inch digital web finishing.  The split and merge process is very applicable to direct mail production or pharmaceutical work because it allows printers to process multi-page documents with double efficiency.  The SPM Split and Merge Module is so-named because it splits and then merges the web at high speeds prior to entering the next stage of production.  Because the web is laid on top of itself, each process downstream from the Split and Merge Module is finishing two sheets simultaneously – ie: a two-page bank statement no longer requires accumulation because the Split and Merge device already placed the pages back-to-back, resulting in a multi-page mail-ready product at the delivery.  As with all MBO web finishing modules, the SPM Split and Merge Module can be  integrated for inline or near-line finishing solutions.

  •   Standard Features

      Vertical and horizontal registration

      Integrated blower to help with control of the web during the merging process

      STC static fixation technology for chip-out

      3 LCUM knives for splitting the web and for edge trim applications

      Pin feed and pin-less compatible

      LCS cutting system for increased precision

      Optional Features

      Gutter cut knife

      Modification for additional webs

      Compatibility kit for laser printers

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