Stamina – Smart Folding Carton System

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  •    “Smart” Folding Cartons
    The MBO Group’s Stamina Folding Carton Solutions can produce blanks or completed cartons inline with any digital press or as a near-line solution. What makes the Stamina solution unique is its ability to match product inserts to the folding cartons – greatly reducing the chances of job mix-ups occurring.  This gives printers the ability to produce folding cartons with inserts at the highest level of job integrity.  Furthermore, the BSR 550 Servo rotary die cutting process allows products to be made without any holding points, or “nicks.” Nicks are required for flatbed die cutting to hold the product during transport, but they create flaws around the edges of the product and require subsequent production steps to remove the scrap and refine the edges. With the “nickless” product coming off the Stamina’s integrated rotary die cutting process, these additional steps are completely eliminated from production.

  •   Highlights of the Stamina “Smart” Folding Carton System

      MBO’s modular approach allows printers to swap units in and out for a wide range of job requirements

      Inline die cutting and waste removal at speeds up to 12,000 sheets/hour

      Plowfolding, camera inspection, variable printing, and glue application systems are all compatible with this solution


  •  This Solution Generally Consists of…

     BSR 550 Servo Rotary Die Cutter

     091 Series Mailing Table

    Various Deliveries

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