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  •    Optimize your press with MBO Unwind-Rewind Solutions!

    MBO Unwinders have more speed, more precision, and less noise output than any other unwind-rewind solution available on the market; this means that MBO users can create tighter rolls, faster, and still have normal conversation while standing next to the machine.  Having a tighter roll may not sound all that significant, however, if additional finishing processes are required it makes a huge difference.  A roll that is inconsistently wound will need to be compensated for via a web guide and tension control systems before entering the press or risk print problems.  With MBO Unwind-Rewind solutions, the roll is extremely precise and consistent, making every stage after printing run quickly and efficiently!

    The UW500/RW500 series unwinders and rewinders are for the 130m/min class machines and the UW60/RW60 for the high-speed, 250 m/min class machines.  All units are designed with heavy stock capabilities (up to 300 gsm!), large diameter rollers, world class tension control, built in buffering and the ability to use up to 60” diameter roll stock or rewinds.

  •   Highlights of MBO Unwind-Rewind Systems

      Unmatched rewind precision ensures that every stage after printing can run quickly and efficiently

      MBO’s Large diameter rollers and powerful pull station module are capable of a wide range of paper stocks, even up to 300 gsm

      Low noise output – the engineering behind MBO UW/RW systems is so efficient and precise that operators can carry out business in a normal talking voice


  •  This Solution Is Available in 20″ Web Widths and Generally Consists of…

     UW Series Unwinder

     Web Turning and Pull Station Module

     RW Series Rewinder

    Unwind-Rewind Diagram

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