Variable Page Count Book Block Production

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  •    Variable Page Count | Variable Signatures
    The Selective Folding Book Block Finishing Solution from The MBO Group is available for both 20 inch and 30 inch web finishing productions and received the 2014 Best of Category Must See Ems Award. Prior to the introduction of MBO’s “Selective Folding Technology,” digitally printed books were limited to a single sheet and plowfolding technologies that may not have been ideal for the binding of the book. With Selective Folding Technology, finishers have the ability to process multiple signatures on-the-fly – meaning that the optimum signature combination can be printed in succession on a roll.

  •   Highlights of the Variable Page Count Book Block Production System

      Variable Cutting can cut different length signatures off the same roll

      Selective Folding Technology can change fold paths on-the-fly as different length signatures approach the folding stage of production

      A mark reader at the delivery unit can identify the end of a book, allowing printers to print several jobs on the same roll

      Stacking and Shingled Stream deliveries are available depending upon delivery requirements


  •  This Solution Is Available in 20″ and 30″ Web Widths and Generally Consists of…

     UW Series Unwinder

    SVC Series Digital Sheeter

    DFT Series Digital Folding Unit

    Various Deliveries

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