Variable Maps and Just-in-Time Production Solved

MBO Installs Digital Finishing Line at Edelmann Leaflet Solutions

Edelmann Leaflet Solutions primarily produces aviation maps at its Lindau headquarters. These maps contain all the data on arriving and departing flights and are essential for airtraffic controllers. Every week these maps are revised and appended based off of information given by pilots from 46 different airlines or because of new regulations put into action by the governing bodies responsible for overseeing the skies. The extent of these revisions is unpredictable in quantity, importance, and format – which means the maps are in a near constant state of change from week to week. Even so, these maps must be delivered in time to meet the strictest deadlines. This just-in-time production schedule demands the highest productivity and reliability from its finishing equipment – and MBO has provided the finishing solution to get the job done.

In order to ensure this kind of quality, Edelmann purchased a 20“ digital web finishing line from MBO complete with selective folding technology. With this technology, Edelmann can cut different sheet lengths while the folder identifies and redirects the sheets to their appropriate fold path on-the-fly. Previously, finishing such production was only possible after a manual sorting process. Now the product can be printed in sequence with two different signatures. In addition to an increased production capacity, Edelmann also gained a more reliable system that uses barcodes to identify and automatically eject incomplete or incorrect productions.


With the digital web finishing solution from MBO, Edelmann has a faster and more reliable production capability.