Variable Saddlestitched Book System

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  •    The Variable Saddlestitched Book System from MBO America incorporates 3 stages of variable technology to allow the production of high-integrity saddlestitched books.  The combination of variable cutting and Selective Folding Technology make it possible to process different length signatures off the same printed roll.  Once cut and folded, the signature is then accumulated at the Smart-binder which scans each page to insure accurate assembly before stitching.  Because of this barcode scanning, books of variable page counts can be processed sequentially with high job integrity at high speeds.  By implementing  the 3 stages of variable technology, MBO America’s Variable Saddlestitched Book System requires fewer roll changes, minimizes waste paper used for padding, and delivers a high-integrity finished book.

  •   Features and Benefits

      High quality three knife trim can handle books up to 200 pages

      Integrated sheet-level data tracking can allow complete booklet integrity

      ISG cold-glue system produces superior lay-flat “stitchless” books

  •  This Solution Generally Consists of…

     UW Series Unwinder

    SVC Series Digital Sheeter

    DFT Series Digital Folding Unit

    Smartbinder SB-3 Plus HS

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