XP 250.1 Knife Folder

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  •   XP 250.1 Knife Folder

    The XP 250.1 is a knife folder specifically designed for miniature folding.  This machine can be used for in line or off line production of outsert products.  Product is received by a dual-belt infeed, transported to the knife folding device where it is folded, then transferred to the next production process.   The XP 250.1 can also be equipped with a sheet ejection system that can detect when glue has not been applied correctly and then eject the bad product.

  •  Features and Benefits

      Independent self-control for easy integration into miniature folding processes

      Non-marking belt conveyor system insures a quality product

      Adjustable height for configuration behind a variety of different modules

      Sheet ejection system which can monitor glue applications and eject bad product