Digi FWII 780 Folder


The Digi-FW 780/6 is specifically designed to go inline with our SVC sheeters for digital web applications. It has all the features of a high end commercial folder like high speed guides, 250 mpm speed rating, 6 buckle plates, and is mobile.  This unit can communicate with other digital machines so it is flexible in its location within a finishing line.  The register guide design allows the machine to be used in right angle or inline applications.

Standard Features:

  • For use inline with presses or as part of an offline/near-line web finishing solution
  • 6 fold plate configuration to meet a wider range of job application requirements
  • High Speed Guide along the register table for non-marking product registration
  • MBO spiral fold rollers provide grip and durability
  • Fast make ready and high speed output make this folder ideal for high-speed letterfolding and signature folding

Optional Features:

  • High Grip fold rollers for specialty applications
  • Slitter Shaft Cassette for quick adjustments to the slitter shaft without having to remove any fold plates.
  • Speed synchronization to automatically match the speed of additional modules
  • Automated fold plates and fold rollers
  • Noise Hoods
  • Gatefold plate for specialty applications

Technical Specifications