RW 60 Rewinder


The RW 60 from MBO is part of a series of web finishing modules engineered specifically for the 24/7 commercial print environment.  With a maximum speed of 250 m/min and its robust construction, printers who pair the MBO RW 60 Rewinder with the MBO UW 60 Unwinder can optimize their press performance without worrying about limitations from auxiliary equipment. Furthermore, the RW 60 is capable of processing a wide range of substrates, from 40 gsm – 300 gsm, with minimal setup times and maintenance requirements – allowing printers to do more, faster, while producing a high quality roll off their digital web press.

Standard Features:

  • Touchscreen control panel with intuitive menus for easy operator use
  • Electronic paper lift reduces labor intensity and speeds up the roll change process
  • Large, 120 mm diameter, idler rollers minimize web-curling and tension disturbance
  • Independent web tension control between the rewinder module and the press
  • Independent rewind tension control maintains tension at the point of building the roll regardless of roll diameter

Technical Specifications

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