Used M80-4 FP80-KBT80-DB60 Semi Auto Combi Folder

The M80 at 230 m/m (9055 ipm) the maximum folding speed of a common 25″ x 38″ sheet is a blazing 13,930 sph.  With a large capacity Pallet Style feeder, and 4 buckle plates and 2 knives, this folder can increase the efficiency of your folding department dramatically.

Features and Benefits:

  • B1 Sheet Size (30″ x 40″)
  • Spiral fold rollers
  • Advanced M1 control with easy to learn HMI and menu system
  • Automated fold roller calibration adjustment
  • Slitter shaft cassette with single rear slitter shaft
  • Manual buckle plates with swing deflector and manual stop settings
  • FP80 pallet style feeder
  • 4 buckle plates in unit I
  • 1 knife and 1 buckle plate in unit II
  • 1 knife in unit III
  • No Delivery Included
  • Serial Number:  #10 25 30 14 12 01
  • Note that photo used is for a similar assembled machine from the factory warehouse and does not represent all features and details existing on the actual machine


Price: $67,900.00 USD, FOB Marlton, NJ

Phone: 609-267-2900, xt100

Email: [email protected]

Technical Specifications

Original M80 New Brochure