Used MBO UW600 Unwinder (22.5")

MBO Unwinders have more speed, more precision, and less noise output than any other unwind-rewind solution available on the market; this means that MBO users can create tighter rolls, faster, and still have normal conversation while standing next to the machine. The UW600 unwinder are capable of high-speed, 150m/min web speeds, inline with the press or nearline in the finishing line.


  • Larger diameter idler rollers minimize web-curling and tension deviation
  • Independent web tension control for the press side tension
  • Electronic paper lift reduces worker injury and speed up the roll change process
  • Pneumatic, active dancer rollers gives buffer between press and unwinder
  • Touch screen control panel for operator interface
  • Vintage 2016
  • Serial # 10 81 96 16 02 02
  • NOTE:  Photos on this post are from the original build of stock for this machine and might not represent every detail of the actual machines or wear spots from use.

Price: $50,900.00 USD, FOB Marlton, NJ

Phone: 609-267-2900, xt100


Technical Specifications

Original Brochure for Reference Only