UW 52/520 Unwinder (20.5")

The UW 52/520 unwinder is a constant tension feeding unit for rolls up to 20.5″ wide and 52″ in diameter.  The unit has a dancer tension control system with a core driven roll shaft for accurate web tension control.  The unwinder has an integral electric paper lift and splice table as well as a de-curling device.  The solid design with a 20 mm strong steel frame and the robust chain that drives these high-end modules guarantee maximum operation capability, reliability of the production process, as well as a long operating life even for maximum running performances in continuous 24/7 operation.

Standard Features:

  • Web guide control
  • Core shaft with pneumatic tensioning
  • Electric motorized roll lifting device
  • Closed loop, constant web tension control
  • Fast web change splice table
  • De-curling device
  • Robust chain drive

Optional Features:

  • Various core shaft diameters
  • Automatic splice detection

Optional Features: 

  • Various core shaft diameters 
  • Automatic splice detection

Technical Specifications

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