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Alliance Days Open House 2022, November 8-11

World Premier – MBO CoBo-Stack flex

Limited-time Offer: MBO Puts Together an Attractive Package with K8RS, A80 and CoBo-Stack

The K8RS, which operates at 275 m/min (902 fpm), is the fastest folding machine in the world. Thanks to the extensive automation and wide range of features such as the slitter shaft cassette, set-up times are extremely low. The machine features the M1 Advanced machine control as well as the…

MBO Wins EDP Award with Autonomous Production Line

MBO won the EDP Award 2021 in the “Finishing” category with its Autonomous Production Line. The jury of the European Digital Press Association (EDP) is made up of 21 trade journals from 27 European countries. The award stands for innovation and quality, as it is given out based on criteria…