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 Customized Productivity

No matter the solution, we are constantly raising the bar with every configuration in our portfolio. Our modular approach means that each of our finishing systems can be customized to fit your product needs.  MBO means modularity, efficiency, productivity and flexibility.


MBO Parts Store

In our line of business, time is money-don’t waste your time or money with inferior parts or unplanned downtime. Our machines run at peak performance when using the highest quality materials for durable, long-lasting parts. Visit our Parts Store for genuine OEM parts from MBO.

Services & Training

How do you measure quality? You can measure it by the years that MBO machines last. Or by the decades of reliable service MBO has provided. MBO America offers a nationwide, expertly trained team of Certified MBO Service Technicians that provide the highest level of support and training for your machines.


We were impressed by MBO’s professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to help us.

We took out one of our existing folders to make room for the M80 but we still gained significant capacity, along with the ability to take on jobs we couldn’t handle with our older equipment. We use the M80, with or without the 32-page unit, to fold both offset and digital output.

Tim Meredith
General Manager, Good Printers

We’ve been an MBO shop for a very long time because MBO offers capable, stable and proven technology.

We are a quick-turn operation, our MBO finishing lines enable us to flex as needed and focus on the value-added. It’s all about service levels: maintaining a high-quality standard and staying nimble and creative enough to meet demand.

Nate Milliken
Vice President of Operations, Epsilon