Performance Maintenance Plans

At MBO America, workflows suffer significantly from unscheduled downtime.  MBOA Performance Maintenance Plans target the reduction of unscheduled downtime and also make sure that your MBO America finishing system runs at peak performance.  The Fix-When-Broke service model is dead.  We provide each Performance Maintenance Plan tailored to fit the needs of your specific equipment.  Folders keep their automation settings in optimal calibration, roll-fed finishing lines keep their web path and cutting components in peak adjustment, training is conducted on a regular basis.  All past and current MBO, Herzog+Heymann, and Bograma finishing modules are eligible for an MBO America Performance Maintenance Plan which provides the following:

  • 2 or 3 pre-scheduled visits per year from a trained, factory-certified, MBO service technician
  • 2-year to 5-year agreement period based on utilization and application factors
  • 10% discount on qualifying parts ordered during a Performance Maintenance visit (excludes fold rollers and roller kits)

A wide range of additional services are available and vary greatly depending upon the equipment under a Performance Maintenance Plan. Some common services include:

  • Clean/change filters
  • Inspection of safety covers and safety switches
  • Inspection and cleaning of fold rollers or other critical paper path components
  • Fold roller calibration (ie. for automated folding machines)
  • Clean, lubricate, and adjust chains, belt tensioners, etc.
  • Inspect roller hangers, springs, bearings, and belts
  • Drive, wheel, and belt adjustments
  • Fold plate component inspection on folder modules (ie. mechanical movements, square, skew, and depth stops)

Download the Performance Maintenance Brochure Here


Ask our service manager for more information:

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