MBO provides a new solution for the print industry’s tight labor challenges.
The new Autonomous Production System takes automated folding to an un-matched level. Modules have been added to the K8 folding system to remove the human touch points required to monitor job breaks, measure signature quality, reject mis-folded product, stack signatures into manageable piles and palletize the stacks. In a completely automated process, pallets of paper can be loaded into the machine and processed at rates up to 17,000 sph (B1). Labor is reduced to the point where a single operator can run 2 machines placed side-by-side.

The total system is made up of a group of advanced modules added to our top of the line K8 folder series.  They include MBO’s Autopilot Feeding System, Datamanager 4.0, VT50 fold quality control, A80 automatic stacker and popular CoBo-Stack automated palletizing cobot.  The system performs all necessary production functions without human input.  Autopilot makes sure that job breaks on the same pallet are found, allowing preparation of the machine for the next job on the pallet and even processes the information from the MBO Datamanager in conjunction with an MIS system.  The VT50 camera system monitors each signature and optically measures the folded product in 3 dimensions, comparing the actual product to a standard product, allowing only good sigs to pass.  The A80 stacker preps the folded product by counting and aligning at full speed.  The CoBo-Stack automatic palletizer removes all labor requirement at the delivery while placing stacks on the skid.

MBO provides the safest, most efficient and most productive folding machine system available worldwide. Work that was previously carried out by the operator is now automated. Human errors are a thing of the past and the operator can take care of other work or operate two folding machines at the same time.

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