Fully Automated Signature Production Requiring Less Than One Operator Per Machine

The new Autonomous Folding Production System from MBO takes automated folding to an un-matched level. The key to the productivity increase is automation of the process, not just singular functions. The folding system truly runs itself, removing touch points and lowering the manning requirement to less than one person per folder and ultimately allowing multiple folding systems to be run by a single operator.

Autonomous folding is available using any of MBO’s B1 size folder platforms, including the K8RS, K8, K80 and T800.1 systems. This folder lineup covers a wide range of applications from common format signatures to the wide variability needed in general commercial printing.

Four major modules, in addition to the folder itself, make up the platform to remove human input. The modules include: CoBo-Stack with A80 delivery (stacking and palletizing), Autopilot Feeder (job change monitoring), VT50 Inspection Module (quality measurement) and Datamanager 4.0 (connection to the workflow).

Technical Specifications

MBO Autonomous Folding System
Datamanager 4.0/Autopilot Brochure
VT50 Brochure
CoBo-Stack Brochure

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