Remote Access Service – RAS

MBO is focused on providing service and support to keep your MBO Equipment Running.  We now offer the MBO Remote Access Service, a feature on the new M1 controls platform that allows direct internet connection to the machine.  Once the RAS has been activated through a switch in the electrical cabinet, our service technicians will be able to establish a secure connection directly to the machine allowing our technicians to quickly troubleshoot and resolve errors with your operator’s help, leading directly to lower service costs and shorter unintended downtimes.




  • Rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting for speedy return to production
  • Learning opportunity for customer staff members by following all the working steps in real time with a trained technician
  • Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities via machine, job and folding imposition data
  • If/when an MBO technician is deployed for onsite service, they can bring correct spare parts if needed, without delay

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