Great response from our customers around the USA!

This type of service and dedication is one of the many reasons why I really enjoy working with MBO.

“After hours, I called Lou with an issue we were having on our newest line. The line went down and we needed to finish a job. Lou answered and was able to diagnose the issue and get us up and running within a few minutes. This type of service and dedication is one of the many reasons why I really enjoy working with MBO. Thank you and your team for going above and beyond!”

Gian Ferrentino
Johnson & Quin, Inc.

Jack just left our plant and I wanted you to know that he did a fantastic job...

“Brian, Jack just left our plant and I wanted you to know that he did a fantastic job of training us on the knife change. He is equally as dedicated as Lou, he is an asset to your company and a pleasure to work with. Have a nice day.”

Shawn Hennessey
MWI Direct

...not only was Mike very knowledgeable with repairing our equipment but his attention to detail is something rarely seen these days...

“Hi Brian, It was a pleasure for me to tell you what a great tech you have in Mike, not only was he very knowledgeable with repairing our equipment but his attention to detail is something rarely seen these days. Mike went well above and beyond what we expected, Mike also spent time with our operators showing them how their equipment works and the proper way to set it up, by the time Mike left he had our folders looking and running like brand new, and our operators feeling good about how to run them. Like I mentioned in our phone call, if I had a preferred Tech list, Mike would be at the very top, thanks again Brian and give Mike our thanks as well.”

Chuck Stam
IC Group

We are exceptionally happy with the service you and your team have provided us...

“Good Morning Brian,  Jack arrived on Tuesday and went to work on the folder, replacing the parallel unit’s rollers and going through the tensioning process.  Jack was happy to answer any questions my coworkers had of him and had no hesitation in demonstrating different aspects of the machine. He also went through a few extra pages on the screens and showed some other features that the machine is capable of that I had not previously known about.  We are exceptionally happy with the service you and your team have provided us. Thank you so much!”

Tim Miller
State of Oregon | Publishing and Distribution

We deeply appreciate Lou and Tom’s help troubleshooting an issue.........

“Good Morning Brian,  I just wanted to say Thank You. Our 2nd finishing line went down last week while we are busy and trying to work midnights while trying to work thru these difficult times with the pandemic. We deeply appreciate Lou and Tom’s help troubleshooting an issue. It helped get us back up and running.  Thank you. Very Much Appreciated!

Christopher Rospierski
Allied Printing Company, Inc.

These guys are first class...........

“Hi Brian, I just wanted to shoot a quick email to you about Jim and Lou.  These guys are first class.  They are always willing to help us out when we call them with some strange error and will walk you through what you are looking at and how to resolve the issue.  When you have an organization that is always available to support their product, it makes that product even more valuable.  Thank you for everything!”

Robert Faust
ICS Corp.

Thanks MBO, you can always be counted on!

“Thanks MBO, you can always be counted on. Literally one of our most solid and dependable vendors year in and out we have ever worked with. We gave you guys our business for a reason, and this is it…………………..Thanks again, and DeWaine and Werner we hope to see you gentlemen next week.”

Billy Benskin
TPI – Vice President of Manufacturing

Unique capability with flexible finishing lines

““We had to have a near-line finishing system that was able to consolidate up to 4 off-line processes for one step finishing, and do it at an industry leading finishing speed of 400 – 600 ft. per min to reduce turn times. We found that with MBO””

Dean Hart
President and CEO –  MWI Direct

Great Phone Support from MBO America

“I called for some support for my T49 folder to get some help with a slitting job.   Brian forwarded the info to their service tech, Greg Gale, and I called him right away.  Greg was extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cared about helping me solve my problem, and got us running well.  Thanks MBO America!”

Andy Cavimontis
Envelope Connection

Thanks MBO America for the great service and support

…………….I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Greg Gale. He did a fantastic job for us in every way. He got the job done on time, exhibiting a great work ethic……..He also went above and beyond, advising my operators how to use the machines most efficiently and he tweaked some settings that were outside the scope of the repairs. He also allowed my mechanic to shadow him during the day Saturday, which I really appreciate. His post visit follow-up on part orders and the speed following feature has been impressive as well. He really represents your company well, and his enthusiasm for your new products will keep MBO in consideration when/if we update our production line.  I wish the rest of our vendors supported their products the way that you and Greg have throughout this initiative.

Joe Hedemann
Harper Collins Publishers, Harlequin Distribution Center

Seeing MBO Finishing in Action Sold Us!

“We went down to another facility using MBO solutions and saw this line in action,” says Joyaux. “We’re always skeptical until we see any new system running live jobs, but we immediately said to each other, ‘Oh, yeah!’ Plus, we wanted something that would pair well with the T240, and this was definitely it.”

Chris Joyaux
Executive Vice President, American Litho

Great Service for New K8 Folder

“Brian, I just wanted to let you know that every time Jack is here he goes above and beyond on tracking down every problem small or big.  The new k8 has been running very well on all 3 shifts.  I just wanted to give a follow up and let you know how much we appreciate Jack’s help”

Chase @
Herff Jones

From your MBO America colleagues……….Nice job Jack!

MBO Roll Fed Finishing

“We had a lot of digital equipment, but we didn’t have the efficient processes in place until we upgraded to MBO web finishing systems.”

Nate Milliken
Vice President of Operations, Epsilon

MBO Finishing For Roll Fed Digital Print

“Our current finishing employees were knowledgeable about the letter folding and traditional bindery finishing, but they were not familiar with near-line plow folding and inline finishing that came with the new line,” explains LeFebvre. “Together with MBO, we were able to overcome any issues and achieve a highly efficient process.”

Ryan Lefebvre
SPC Communications
EVP Sales @ SPC

MBO Finishing For Roll Fed Digital Print

“We’ve been using MBO finishing technology ever since we moved to digital and our high speed lines are able to run what used to be a week’s worth of work in 17 hours without sacrificing quality!”

Tony Pelc
Allied Printing
Chief Operating Officer

MBO Roll Fed Finishing

“There is very little we don’t do here. When you compare our equipment to our competitors, we are head and shoulders above the rest. Our productivity is so high that I don’t need to have 20 pieces of certain types of equipment. All I need is two, and the one I choose for roll fed finishing is MBO.”

Mike Glanzman
Vice President of Operations, DDI

Great Group Effort by MBO America

“Good Afternoon Brian, On Monday our Digital Finishing Line went down. Over the last couple days I have spoken with Thomas McCoy, Dave Dillard,  and Louis Levonyak (plus I know Dave Majors also chimed in and pitched in as well). It was a small part but a big problem to us. Over these couple of days Lou walked me thru this issue and helped me trouble shoot it. I am back up and running. His help was tremendous plus I have better understanding how the machine actually works. I seriously can’t say THANK YOU enough to Lou and everybody else that chipped in. We appreciate it very much.  Including Paula and Karen for helping get the part from Germany ASAP.  Thank You very much!”

Christopher Rospierski – Bindery Machine Operator
Allied Printing Company, Inc.

Dependable Products, Easy To Use…

“I don’t have the time or need for sales presentations and fluff – what I need to see and hear is how equipment is going to solve an issue or create opportunity; MBO America does just that, they focus on the product and results. They offer reliable, high-speed products that are easy to use and we can depend on – it’s why I like doing business with them and we won’t hesitate to look to MBO America again for new machines.

Stan Smith
Progress Printing – Lynchburg, VA

Stepping Up Service While Reducing Labeling Time…

You can argue that folding machine equipment is rugged and durable but it means nothing if there isn’t a commitment to service. MBO America understands the value of having highly trained experts available whenever the need arises; they are committed to service. We’ve put the folks at MBO America to the test and they always step up to the challenge with solutions that keep our projects running.”With our Herzog & Heymann MR 393 we’ve cut our labeling time by more than 40% – that’s just results you can’t argue with and I only wish we had bought it sooner!

Mike Janitz
Mid-York Press, Inc. – Syracuse, NY

Turned A Cost Center Into A Profit Center…

In searching for increased bindery profitability, MBO America provided an excellent analysis of our business needs and opportunities with the MBO Automation line. We purchased the B 535 EA and significantly reduced our set up times; turning a cost center into a profit center – it’s been one of the highest ROIs I’ve ever seen – it blew me away! All that and MBO America’s dedicated professionals; I can’t think of a better kind of company to do business with.

Bo Forbes
Ironside Press – Vero Beach, FL

We’ve been an MBO shop for a very long time because MBO offers capable, stable and proven technology.

We are a quick-turn operation, our MBO finishing lines enable us to flex as needed and focus on the value-added. It’s all about service levels: maintaining a high-quality standard and staying nimble and creative enough to meet demand.

Nate Milliken
Vice President of Operations, Epsilon

We were impressed by MBO’s professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to help us.

We took out one of our existing folders to make room for the M80 but we still gained significant capacity, along with the ability to take on jobs we couldn’t handle with our older equipment. We use the M80, with or without the 32-page unit, to fold both offset and digital output.

Tim Meredith
General Manager, Good Printers

100% quality service at MBO

“Good Morning Paula, The MBO is back up running. Thank you very much for your help in supplying the electrical diagrams and replacement parts. I and my staff really appreciate the 100% quality service at MBO.”

Henry O’Pry, President
Southeastern Color