Service, Installations & Training

MBO America is proud to offer a nationwide, expertly trained service group that is regionally based to professionally support your equipment.  We have what you need, whether its expert installation support for a new MBO America System, maintenance service for the nearly 15,000 legacy folding systems in North America or a contract Performance Maintenance Plan to keep your MBO America equipment running at peak performance.  Furthermore, we offer an in-depth onsite training programs to fit your operation.


America is proud to offer a nationwide, expertly trained service group to professionally install your new equipment. Furthermore, we provide an in-depth onsite training program designed to make your continued success a reality.  We provide a complete package starting from unpacking the shipping containers to commissioning the equipment to run.  We generally use a 3 step method:  Step 1 =  Physical Installation;  Step 2 = Non-Production Based Training;  Step 3= Production Support and Productivity Training.


Would you like to relocate existing machines to another location? Our Service Team can advise you on the logistics and on the necessary requirements for the new locations. This leaves you free to concentrate on your core business.

Breakdown Maintenance

Whether you need a part replaced or your machine is completely down, our Service Team is here to help. Call 1-800-626-8810 to schedule your maintenance visit today!

Performance Maintenance Plans

Our most popular new service is to set up a regular performance maintenance plan with our service department.  Regular visits to maintain, calibrate, repair and train, stops the fix-it-when-broke cycle.  Reduce downtime, increase production rates, update your training with MBO America’s PM Plans. Call 1-800-626-8810 to get your customized quote today!

Contact MBO America Service:  1-800-626-8810 or [email protected]

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