Case Studies and Testimonials


Turned A Cost Center Into A Profit Center…
“In searching for increased bindery profitability, MBO America provided an excellent analysis of our business needs and opportunities with the MBO Automation line. We purchased the B 535 EA and significantly reduced our set up times; turning a cost center into a profit center – it’s been one of the highest ROIs I’ve ever seen – it blew me away! All that and MBO America’s dedicated professionals; I can’t think of a better kind of company to do business with.”

Bo Forbes, Ironside Press – Vero Beach, FL


Stepping Up Service While Reducing Labeling Time…
“You can argue that folding machine equipment is rugged and durable but it means nothing if there isn’t a commitment to service. MBO America understands the value of having highly trained experts available whenever the need arises; they are committed to service. We’ve put the folks at MBO America to the test and they always step up to the challenge with solutions that keep our projects running.”With our Herzog & Heymann MR 393 we’ve cut our labeling time by more than 40% – that’s just results you can’t argue with and I only wish we had bought it sooner!”

Mike Janitz, Mid-York Press, Inc. – Syracuse, NY


Dependable Products, Easy To Use…
“I don’t have the time or need for sales presentations and fluff – what I need to see and hear is how equipment is going to solve an issue or create opportunity; MBO America does just that, they focus on the product and results. They offer reliable, high-speed products that are easy to use and we can depend on – it’s why I like doing business with them and we won’t hesitate to look to MBO America again for new machines.”

Stan Smith, Progress Printing – Lynchburg, VA