BS Multi 450 / 750 Servo

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  •  BS Multi 450 / 750 Servo Series automatic cut, punch, hole punch and perforating machine.  A state of the art machine that can be utilized offline or in-line with a folding machine or a gather-stitcher.

     All Bograma units are extremely versatile and offer the following functions:

     Die cutting

     Hole punching

     Head and foot trimming

     Center trimming or punching for multiple-up production

     Thumb, corner and various other types of perforations
     Upgrade to the BS Multi 450/750 Servo Plus package for a maximum speed increase to 12,500 cycles/hr.




  •   Standard Features

      Inline and offline functionality

      Multi-up production for small formats

      Adjustable infeed

      Top and bottom belt transfer system

      Die cutting device

      Hole punching device

      Optional Features

      Pneumatic front cut at infeed

      Cut-out knife

      Slitter knife


      Head and tail cutting

      Pre-score knives